Editing Smart Calendar Topics

boertjebartje63 shared this question 3 years ago

Hi everyone,

For some years I am having troubles with editing 'Smart Calendar Topics’ in MM for Mac.

Inserting Smart Calendar Topics works well, but when I try to edit the calendar topics an editing screen appears, but the colored turning ball (a sign for ‘busy’) doesn’t stop turning (for ages) until I use the Forced Stop function.

Is there someone out there who can edit Smart Calendar Topics without troubles?

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I would recommend you to do clean reinstall of MindManager 13 and see if that resolves the issue. If not then please contact customer support at MindManager Support to troubleshoot further.

Please follow the steps below to do clean install of MindManager 13.2.204:

  1. First uninstall /remove existing MindManager Mac 13 from your Application folder.
  2. Before you reinstall version 13.2, please download and run this application to fully wipe MindManager from your system.
  3. Next, reinstall MindManager (version 13.2) using the download link.
  4. Upon launching the software, you will be prompted to create an account or sign in to an existing one, you can use the same account to sign into version 13.0.

Please let me know if above steps helped resolving your issue.




Hi Shilpa,

Thanks for the advise. I followed your advise exactly, but unfortunately it showed no approval.

So I contacted MM Support.

Beste regards,