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Alex Gooding shared this question 18 days ago
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While the new forum seems to work well, I have a few questions/comments about the default menu options under both Recent Questions and Recent Ideas which to me seem a little confusing:

  • "New" is obvious enough, but I think "Recent Activity" is a little restrictive and confusing in that it excludes recently-posted new topics that haven't been commented on. I think Recent Activity should include rather than exclude new questions/ideas; the "New/Updated" option which appears as a further option only if you click on one of these menu options should be used as the default instead of "Recent Activity".
  • The rationale for and distinction between "Popular" and "Trending" should be clarified. At least under Ideas "Popular" seems to be related to the number of votes received but it is unclear what defines it under Questions. And I have no idea how "Trending" is defined under either heading; click under Recent Ideas and the first topic that pops up (as of 24 April 2021) is something I commented on 40+ hours ago.

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I agree with Alex.

Also new users seem to have difficulty finding the Search option.

We tend to give similar response to similar questions quite often.


Hi @Alex and @Ary, thanks for your feedback. There are some great ideas here. We're planning to discuss this internally tomorrow, so there may be some upcoming changes to the site along the lines of what you've suggested here fairly soon. It may take a bit of time though :) Stay tuned!

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