Excel Data Mapper and cloud stored Excel files

jce shared this question 2 years ago

Using the Excel Data Mapper with an Excel stored in a cloud storage like Sharepoint or Onedrive, causes a (temp) storage of that Excel in C:\User\Appdata\Local\.... this way duplicating the source file. The Data mapper is no longer looking at the source excel in the cloud but is OLE linked to a local copy made and stored by Mindmanager in the local appdata of the user.

So every time you change something in the source Excel in the cloud and you want to refresh, you have to remap the data mapper with this source Excel so that it can duplicate again it into the temp folder.

This problem is only for cloud stored Excels. Thus the OLE action is only possible with local stored files?

Also, the preset configuration file can't be stored in the cloud?

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Hello JCE,

Thank you for the feedback. I will look into our options to be able to refresh the Data Mapper queries when updates have been made to files in cloud storage.

Regarding the Data Mapper Presets, they can only be saved to the local disk at this time. One suggestion would be to store them in a folder that is synced to OneDrive or SharePoint.

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