Names of calendar months and days reverting to mixed capitalization

Dallas S. shared this question 2 years ago
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When I type the name of a month or a day in all caps or all lower case in a topic into MindManager 19 it automatically changes it to mixed caps with first letter capitalized. I confirmed that the "Capitalization" setting in the Format Topic settings is "None".

The only way I can override this is to set the "All upper case" or "All lower case" settings in Format Topic.

There appears to be some forced setting somewhere that is autocorrecting all names of months and days to mixed caps. The exception to this are those months that have alternate meanings for the word, such as "AUGUST" or "MAY".

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I figured this out. It was the Spelling Autocorrect dictionary that was doing this. I had to go in and delete the autocorrections from the dictionary for those months/days that were correcting to mixed case.