Error as pressing Options

Wei-Sen L. shared this question 2 years ago

My Mindmanager version is 21.1.231 under Transitional Chinese Win10 pro environment. As wanting to modify default settings and press Options under File Menu, the program responds "The parameter is incorrect." Then pressing "Ok", the program is back to normal, but crash if I make any change.

Any solution?c1a95ca5ac45f4c32a3bf25178c4cc75

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Hello Wei-Sen,

We've seen this error message before and it is likely caused by having a mismatch between the operating system language and MindManager product language.

I suggest you uninstall MindManager, then re-install and choose Simplified Chinese as the product language. If you need further assistance, please submit a case with MindManager Technical Support here - MindManager Support

Best regards,