Is it posssible to include more than one link when using Ctrl-K in a topic note?

Alf C. shared this question 2 years ago

When writing text in a topic, I would like to add some links, preferably more than one link for a sentence or part of sentence, like posting Google search string and Pubmed and Wikipedia articles in one and same sentence. Seems rather unintelligent to have a link to eg. wikipedia and add Pubmed with a separate link and another for Pubmed :-D

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Hello Alf,

Thanks for the feedback. The CTRL+K shortcut allows for creating one link at a time in Topic Notes. After entering the first link, you can enter press CTRL+K again to add another link.

For Topic Links, keyboard shortcut CTRL+Shift+K will add an additional link but this does not apply to Topic Notes.

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If I reiwwsCtrl-K when cursor is in same place, I only get up the URL entered and not offered possibility to add another lik. So it seems like I need to add some new text to link other links. In this case links to different ressources, like Wikipedia, Google, Google scholar or Punmed using the same text for the URL input. Of course I could add Pubmed search as topic or same with the other, :-D

But looks bettter if I got multiple choices as I do in the Topic links (where I use for other topics