Improve the usability of topic tags

Alex G. shared this idea 2 years ago
Under Consideration

Here are a few suggestions to improve the usability of tags, based on my ideas and one or two suggested on this forum:

  1. Provide a facility to apply the same colour easily to groups of tags. This could be done by allowing tag group names to be coloured and then making this colour the default for tags within the group (though this default colour should be capable of being overridden for individual tags).
  2. Make tag colour available as a criterion in filters and as a trigger in SmartRules.
  3. Provide a third option for the display of tag group names in the Modern topic info display style. At the moment, the options are either to hide the group name or to show it on every tag. There should be an additional option to show group names as headings, as you can still do with the Legacy style.
  4. As has been suggested before, make it possible to change the order of tag groups manually and to sort them alphabetically.
  5. Make it possible to export selected marker groups and the lists of matching topic names, as well as the whole index.

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For point 4, for MindManager 21 for Windows at least:

  • you can sort the tags in a group alphabetically by right-clicking on the group name in the Map Index, and
  • you can re-order tags in a group by going to the Tag View, showing that tag group, then dragging the column headings to a new order. But it would be nice to also drag and drop them in the Map Index.


Hi Nick, i didn’t express myself well in point 4 - I was actually talking about sorting the groups themselves, rather than the tags within them.