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Jörg shared this question 2 years ago

Is it possible to show the filter criteria as a "legend" in a filtered map?

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Yes you can in MMvs 21 for windows (and earlier)

You find the option a bit hidden:

Open the Mapindex taskpane

You see, markers; elements and a NEW with a + (plus) sign.

CLick the twistie next to the plus sign and select Add Legend to map.

You can decide to show only the markers etc that are used in my map.


Hi Ary, thanks for your hint but thats not what I mean.

Sorry, my question was to short or my english is not good enough :-) or booth :-)

If I use the wonderful powerfilter I see what I want to see. FINE

If I will send this information through another user I must write something about the shown extract of the map.

So I think it was helpfull if its possible to add a legend of the POWER Filter????

Hope its clear what I mean ?


Hello Waten,

There is no such feature in MindManager to include a legend of the filter criteria. If you would like to see this as an enhancement in MindManager, please submit an idea here on the community.

One suggestion/workaround is to create saved power filter queries and give them a relevant name so your users can understand what is filtered. The user would still need to toggle between the different saved queries and as Ary suggested you can create a small legend instructing the user to try different saved queries.


Once you save the query, it can easily be accessed in the Power Filter 2-part button in the Ribbon -


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Thanks Marian, yes I will make a enhancement for MindManager.

I know about the the existing solution for save queries, but for my experience its only a solution for users which work yourself with mindmanger. If I send a extract to other people I must write to told them what they see in the map, so for my opinion a legend of the filter criteria are very helpfull.


This can be done as I described.

The moment you create a legend it can be attached to a topic that can be excluded in the map you send or publish

I may be wise to send / publish only the filtered part of the map.

Do that wit a save as. and there you go.

And ofcourse you can always ad a ReadmeFirst topic to your map with descriptive text in you topic notes