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Dan W. shared this question 6 months ago

I like to track the time / task im currently doing. Is there a way to track time in mindmanager ?

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Hi Dan,

Yes, MindManager 21 has a built in timer.

To activate it, right click on the status bar at the bottom of the application and select Timer.


Then click the timer to start it, or you can click the arrow next to it to configure different options if you want to time box your work.



The timer function is useful, but it could be enhanced with a few simple features, for example, making it possible to display in a larger typeface directly on the map, being able to reset the timer automatically when you move through a walkthrough or a slide show, or even setting up the ability to move through either of these automatically at set intervals as you can with PowerPoint.

I'll post these as a a suggestion as well.


Its just a Timer Basically right ? WOuld be amazing if each task had a separate task and that data could be visible next to the tasks.