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Jerry M. shared this idea 17 months ago
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I would like to give my clients the ability to co-edit a Mind Map. I understand they can join me in editing a map in real-time.

I understand the only way is through each person have paid version of Mindmanager or if they are on Microsoft Teams.

That is a concern given that I do a fair amount of complex multi-stakeholder work.

I miss the past feature where we could put a map on the Mind Manager server and people could be added to the map. They could work on the map without me being online.

Without this feature, this really limits the ability of people to collaborate in Mind Manager. Without the ability to co-edit off line, this drives facilitation projects onto other software applications that so support co-editing off line. And please understand, while MS teams are great for large single companies, it does not work for multi-stakeholder global or national collaboration projects.

Please create the capability for individuals in multi-stakeholder groups to collaborate offline in Mind Manager.


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Hi Jerry,

I think you can co-edit with others without them having a paid MM license

Ofcourse you need to have the co-edit option (cost ca. 29,00 Euro /year)

When you have it you can create a map, place it in box or dropbox etc.

Share the link and invite the others to co-edit on the map with you.

The session stops when you save and leave.

If it is just for sharing a map, I would suggest to use Publish (with or without Pwd protection)


You are correct.

However, you cannot co-edit offline. I really want the ability to start working with a group of individuals from 10 - 60 companies on a map in a real-time session. Add the participants as editors on the map and then close the session. (I leave the session and people have access to the map) .

Participants can come back, add their comments, collaborate, see comments of others and contribute to the comments of others when we are NOT working together (offline).

Then when the entire team comes back online, we can work with the updated map and information.

Mind Manager 21 does not have the capacity to Co-edit offline. A missing feature.

Check out other products (e.g., Ayoa, MindMeister). They allow for offline and online co-edit experiences.



I don't know if you have this group together for a long period or just a few days.

If it is a short period than you could consider for them to download a fully functional 30 day trial.

That is free as well and you could achieve what you need.

And if they need it for a longer period they may consider purchasing the software or take a subscription.

If they are students, they maybe take advantage of the academic offerings.


Thanks for your suggestion. The trail is a non-starter. The groups working together over months and in most cases years.

The root problem is when you are dealing with a variety of organizations, MS Teams does not work. People need to be able to collaborate inside the application, note a company. If they cannot collaborate offline, then online is a non-starter.

I'll wait to see what the team at Corel will do moving forward.

Thanks for your suggestion.


Ok Complicated....

But if they are clients, I assume they pay you for your services.

In that case I would purchase - say 25 subscriptions that have it all (desktop, co-edit, teams, etc).

As the Server manager in the portaI can assign the license to teammembers and change it to other members if they leave the group

It should be easy to include the price for this service in your rates.

At € 169,00 per year, this would account for about 1 (One) extra hour of my time per year.

And if you gain so much benefits from working the way you describe, that amount should/could be peanuts...


Again, I don't think you are grasping the complexity of the situation.

There is one client with many actors involved in the work. They are not my client, I am the facilitator.

I'll wait for a solution from Corel. The solution you have provided does not help the client, the group or the situation.

Thank you for your input.

Have a good day.


Hi Jerry

The current model for MindManager is that all stand-alone editors need to have a valid licence.

If you are co-editing, two or more editors are simultaneous working on the same file at the same time.

I believe you want to allow non-licensed users to individually edit a document that is created by a licensed user. This is not currently supported in MindManager. All users editing on their own require a licence.

As Ary pointed out, Enterprise purchases allow for the redistribution of multiple seats easily through the customer's dedicated admin console.

Cheers... Blair