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I am a new user of Mindmanager 2021 for Windows. On one occasion I accidentally deleted one branch of the mindmap and only find out about this after saving the document. My question is:

Is there someway to recover deleted branches? Does Mindmanager automatically save revision history for ínvidividual mindmaps?

Thank you!

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MindManager will auto-save copies of maps in case there is a problem and MindManager gets stopped unexpectedly. But as far as I know, it does not have a feature to keep previous versions if the file is saved successfully. Most Windows desktop applications are the same.

You can enable the recovery of backed-up versions of files in Windows by configuring backup in the Control Panel. Alternatively, you could use a service like Dropbox which I think will automatically keep previous versions each time the file is saved.


Perhaps it's a hangover from my old development days but it's a good habit to conduct your own version control with any file be they documents, mindmaps, code, etc.

If working on an old file, I will save a new d version (d1, d2, etc) rather than save over the old one. If I continue to work in that file during the day, I may save over it with incremental changes (because I'm paranoid about losing work and the auto back-up and save functions not working) but if I'm making big changes, then I will again save as a new d version.

It may seem over the top but it works.


The MAP add-in for MindManager provides a Map Snap feature which allows you to save "snaps" of your maps, ie, what are in effect back-up copies. You can save these manually or set the feature to save them automatically at set time intervals, and either up to certain number or to make unlimited copies. If you choose a set number, once this number is reached Map Snap will continue to save on a rolling basis.

You can also set Map Snap to create a hi-res image of the snap and/or to add a comment in the saved map with a time and date stamp.