MM for Mac: Smart map for folder structure

Stefan L. shared this idea 3 years ago
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I found some hint that at some point it may have been possible to create a map (through a "smart map" function) to create a tree that shows the folder structure of a computer or a certain folder on it. Does MM 13 for Mac have such a feature?

The aim is to re-assess a complicated folder structure some else has created by creating a representation (linking not necessary)

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Hi Stefan,

If you are referring to File Explorer Map Part function we have in MindManager Windows, then we currently do not have in MindManager for Mac.

I would convert this post as an idea so that other passionate user who like to have this feature can vote on it.

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This unfortunately is one of the examples that MindManager for Mac is way behind the Windows version. Other examples are the absence of the calculation function, the absence of the Map Index, the impossibility to use all properties within SmartRules, the absence of Office (Outlook) integration and so on.

Nowadays the price of MindManager for Mac is the same as MindManager for Windows. That might be clever from a marketing point of view, but is not fair!