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There is a template called 'Urgent / Important Template'. It presumably replaces the older Eisenhower Template that was really effective. The problem with the new template is that there is some sort of relationship between the topics in a single box - they are not floating. If I put more than 2 or 3 topics in a single box then some move or the original simply will not go into the box. Really annoying.

Btw, I tested this in 2018 and there is no issue. I can get 10+ topics in a box however in 2021 strange stuff start when I put more 6 or more. If there is space & I try to put the topic into the box it jumps left / right out of the box...... so some relationship that doesn't exist in 2018.

Anyone any idea how to resolve this?



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I tried to reproduce that in MM21 with the template you mention,.

I can easily place 8 or 9 topics in one box, and can freely move them around.

They can even be placed partly in one and partly in an adjacent box.

I checked if some option selection could cause your issue, but found none.

I also checked if you can use the analysis view addin. That is a predecesoor of the matrices in the templates, but with some extra's.

In MM20 that works fine, Maybe you could try that out as well. Note there are some configure options you may find useful.


Thanks for that Ary,

It got me to thinking about this and then it dawned on me that I had forgotten to include a layer here.

I have all my topics tagged into 4 groups (customers). So I was trying to have a single map for all and then filter by customer when required. When I filter out all but one group (e.g. Group A) and then try to move a topic in that group I get the weird behaviour. Sometimes as I drop my topic the other topics which are NOT highlighted can suddenly move or when I drop the topic it lands a good distance from when I put it down, like a snap-to-grid type function. I did look to see if it was directly related to the filtered out topics, perhaps they were hidden but still occupying white space but no, they don't align. I can confirm that I have replicated this behaviour in 2018.

I do now have a workaround though, which is to have one map per customer but it would be nice to have them all self contained.

I appreciate your time on this, thanks.



Hi Ary,

I went into Map Settings and disabled 'Use floating topic layout 2.0' and now when I filter I can control the topic layout without all the weirdness.

Best of luck.


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