How to add a Sharepoint Place to access Teams MM Files?

MikeP shared this question 9 months ago
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I am using MM21. I have put some MM files in a Sharepoint location that I can successfully access from a Teams channel MindManager Tab using the Teams MM app. However, when I add the 'Place' to my desktop version using the Sharepoint copied link to the folder I can add the 'Place' but no files are shown when I try to open a file from that place. If I open the same link address in my browser I can see all the MM files correctly. Please advise.

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Hi Mike,

Have you successfully used SharePoint Places with other sites in MindManager?

Please try this:

After you click on 'Open in SharePoint' from the Files section in the Teams channel, only copy the URL until the site name.

Example : After you add that URL, you should be prompted to sign in and you should see the folder structure within the site.

Please let me know if that works.

Best regards,



Hi Marian, thanks for your quick reply. I have tried what you suggested but my credentials are not being accepted. I have tried several combinations without success.Might this problem be something to do with the way Sharepoint is configured in our organisation?