No joy. Unable to use Snap extension

Mark shared this question 2 years ago
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All programs are 64 bit / Win 10 / Chromium Edge / MindManager 2021

Hi there---

My 'local' instance of MindManager Snap works fine. I'm logged in to both MM21 and MMSnap with the same credentials.

I've logged out of both and have logged back in when trying to troubleshoot this.

Installing the MMSnap browser extension is like installing a dead program... Right clicking to view options results in no response (Sign-in to MindManager / click / nothing_appears_to_happen).

I've tried:

  • Remove extension
  • Reset browser
  • Delete user profile (Edge)
  • Establish new user profile (Edge)

I'm not shown any hourglass or indication that the extension is even trying to work.

I'm sure it's gotta be something simple or something that I may not be able to resolve (firewall, security settings, etc.).



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Hello Mark,

Thank you for the feedback. I tested the MindManager Snap extensions for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge and both are functioning correctly.

There are no firewall or security settings in the extensions and they use the same network calls as the local MindManger Snap desktop app. Have you checked if the extension for Google Chrome is working?

Best regards,



Hi Marian;

No joy in Chrome, either. I've attached two files. One shows the screen area after clicking on the extension. The other shows what's displayed after right-clicking the extension button and selecting 'Inspect Pop-up Window'.


same issue here, I add to snap, open queue, blank


my Snap doesn't work on my HUAWEI cell phone anymore šŸ˜„

This error message shows up