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JamesAK shared this idea 5 days ago
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It's great having a community space again, but it strikes me that you're limiting us to raising problems with the software or ideas of how to improve it. Granted these are the 2 most important things that a software company should concern itself with but I believe that it would good to have a discussion / chat area where things could be raised and mulled over by the userbase.

It would give us a space to share knowledge and work out problems that are not necessarily defects nor well-developed enough to become an idea to be worked on.

What do you think?



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Hello James

From my perspective I don't think this forum is limited to a problems or suggestions channel between Corel and MindManager users. There are many "how can I..." posts, and people almost always get responses from the community. The MindManager community has a much better chance of answering these than they do with product problems, as bugs can only be properly resolved by the developers. Maybe the answer would be to add a few more discussion categories that are not product-specific but relate to higher level topics such as project management, strategic planning and so on.

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