MindManager - best tutorial resources

Altan N. shared this question 5 months ago

Any good tutorial recommendations aside from those from MindManager?

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Hi Alan,

I assume you refer to the Tutorials that are inside your MindManager for Windows desktop app?

There are many online resources on other locations.


Lots of webinars by experts on various topics.

There are excellent books in French, Dutch , German (and probably also in English ) language.

And there a local trainers in many countries that can save you a lot of self training time.

You can find the best overhere: http://www.mivap.org/members/


Hi @Altan, thanks for your message. We have two new tutorials in the recent update to version 21.1: SmartRules and Slides. Additionally, we have a new resource called MindManager Minutes, which are short tutorial videos on the various features of MindManager. Access them on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiEITmcsR1Vp3yi62EqCLrlaUskSFJBQb

There are currently 24 videos in total with more to come soon.


Awesome. Thanks Ary and Craig. Great links!