Use/Anchor a Relationship to a Text Box and/or a Shape

gslade_2 shared this idea 3 years ago
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I want to be able to use a Text Box and/or a Shape and attach a relationship to it (like you can with a topic to topic). Currently you cannot use a relationship with a text box or a Shape - I want to be able to rotate the text box and have a relationship attachment.

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This feature is currently supported in MindManager Windows 21 and will be coming to the next MindManager Mac release.

Here are some examples of using a relationship between two Shapes, relationships between a Shape and a Topic, and a relationship between a Text Box and a Topic -


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Great, thanks for the clarification, I didn't realize the feature was on Windows MM and not Mac. For clarification, I notice that if the relationships are created in the Windows version of MM and then opened on the Mac version they disappear. Looking forward to the next Mac version for the feature!