Do mindmanager still need connect to internet 1/month to activate license?

krsto e. shared this question 17 days ago

i only found old links:

which state:

auto by internet

manual by file

manual by email

thanks Activation wizard prompts you,using a license file option.


Automatic, via Internet The Activation Wizard automatically contacts the Mindjet licensing servers through your Internet connection. If you are using a valid Product Key that has not already been used for the allowed number of installations, your product is activated immediately.

When you activate through the Internet, your computer communicates with the Mindjet licensing server through an encrypted transfer. If you choose to activate your product through the Internet and you are not already connected, the wizard alerts you that there is no connection.

Manual, using a license file If you have received a license file from Mindjet, select this option. You will be prompted to enter the location of the license file.

Manual, via e-mail If you are unable to activate over the internet (due to a company firewall, for example), you can request a license file. The Activation wizard prompts you for your license key, and then instructs you to send an e-mail to Mindjet. You will receive a response e-mail with a license file attached. Copy the license file to your system, and then proceed with Activation using the Manual, using a license file option.

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Hi krsto,

MindManager needs to connect to the internet once every 30 days to validate the subscription is still active. The manual via email and file options were for versions MindManager 7 and 8 and have been retired long ago.

Best regards,



may i ask will the enterprise version could be completely offline?

and how many license must an enterprise license buy?

we work at secret service that our systems are air gapped.

the last working version we use is mindmanager 2020.

after that we cannot update due to mindmanager 2021 begin to use the above online activation / month.



Hi Krsto,

We do offer solutions to Enterprise customers where MindManager cannot connect to the internet. MindManager Enterprise requires 5 or more licenses. Fore more information, please see

Best regards,

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