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Does Mind Manager have plans to AI enable its offering? There are competing products coming out in the space that we are looking at eg

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Hi Kevin,

We are actively investigating possible AI implementations. The factors we are considering in our decision on whether to include AI in the MindManager offering are:

  • Security of customer data: We want to make sure that any solution we implement maintains the highest level of security for our customer's data and adheres to our data security certifications like SOC 2.
  • Deep integration: We want to ensure that any integration we implement is meaningful and unique to MindManager. We don't want to do an integration with AI that would just as easily be done by copy & pasting results from an AI tool like ChatGPT because that doesn't add a ton of value and doesn't give customers the flexibility to choose which AI service they prefer.

Hope that answers your question.


@kevin, you could easily ask GPT4 to write a winwrap macro to help you do that.

usage will be like n0t1on: select or highlight some text, press a hotkey and it's sent to gpt,

the reply will be in the clipboard, or automatically pasted as a sub topic/sibling topic as you like.

the problem is that, the USD20 chatgpt plus (40 prompt/3hr) have no way (they intentionally make it) to interact with mindmanager.

but you could easily enter the GPT API key and use the above winwrap macro.

the problem is that, using API key, it count your prompt word by word as "token", and charge you base on the usage of the token, BOTH asking or reply.

If you went to sushi shops before, you will notice that ordering a single sushi is quite expensive, but when you go to all-you-can-eat, you can eat whatever amount you want.

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