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I would like to read a CSV file with a bill of material and visualize the structure. With the Data Mapper I cannot do this. Cutting and pasting Excel data works but does not fulfill my total requirements. Is there any sample script available for something like this?

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Please show us an image or video of what you need bevond the capabilities of datamapper.

I am curious to learn what i have missed creating BOM structuren until now.


Hi, Thanks for your reply.

I am trying to visualize a BOM structure like the attached CSV file and shown in the picture. When using the "Excel Data Mapper" I am not able to do this. Maybe I do something wrong.



Hi Marcel,

In theory you can create something like this, but there are some limitations and you would need to put a lot of time into restructuring the file in Excel first.

For a start you spreadsheet would appear very "flat" to MindManager; you need a separate column for each level in the map as this is the only way in which MindManager can create a hierarchy. In other words, there is no point in having a single column with a number to indicate the topic level - you need to put the topics in the relevant column for that level. Similarly, MindManager does not understand the columns you have which appear to be codes for order, group etc (apologies - I have forgotten most of my German!).

So, to come out with the structure in the map your image which has four levels you would need four columns in the spreadsheet just for the topics. And in your case where the IDNRK and OJTXP columns appear to be combined in the topic names, you would need to combine these in Excel first.

The other issue is the tags in your map. At this stage unfortunately MindManager cannot import directly from spreadsheet columns to tags. Your only options are Property, Notes, Start Date, Due Date and Link. In your case the best option would be to use topic properties. If it is important to have tags as well you could create SmartRules which use the topic properties as triggers.

One thing you could do to give you a better idea of what is required would be to export the example map you created manually to Excel and then compare the result to the original spreadsheet. This should tell you a lot about what MindManager expects when importing (though there are some anomalies - MindManager will export topic notes as Excel cell notes, but is happy to import to notes from a spreadsheet column).


Hi Alex, thanks for your reply!

I looked at the way you described the Excel Data Mapper but the result was not as I wanted it to be. Mainly he format.

I the meanwhile I have been searching the internet to understand the script language a bit and I was able to create the attached file. I am still working on the formatting but I was able to get the data in the required structure.

Not sure if it's programmed 100% correctly but it works :-)

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