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A question for MindManager trainers: in all versions up to MindManager 21, shift+drag of a floating topic allowed it to be positioned anywhere without being magnetically attracted to topics in the main tree. From MindManager 22 onwards, shift+drag of a floating topic constrains it to vertical or horizontal alignment, or offers to drop it as a callout on another topic. The alignment effect occurs whether or not the alignment helper is enabled in the options.

Is there a different way to obtain the earlier behaviour, i.e. free positioning of a floating topic without being attracted to the main tree? Or is nudging it with the arrow keys the only way?

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Hi Nick,

You're absolutely right. Shift+Drag now moves floating topics only in the vertical or horizontal plane, with thin green guide lines on either side of the topic in the direction it is being moved. It still prevents topics latching on to the main tree, but as you say if a floating topic is moved too close to a main topic, subtopic or floating topic it will turn into a callout on the topic concerned.

I don't see this as any different to nudging floating topics with the arrow keys, as these only work in the vertical or horizontal planes too. In fact Shift+Drag now seems to duplicate this behaviour but with the added guides and callout "features".

I don't find any of this particularly useful and like you I would like the old free positioning facility back, please.

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