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Support asked me to post my complains in the User Community Support Portal. Well…, here we go:

I am using MM for Mac since version 8 – roundabout 15 years. MM gets worse with each version. My current problems, some of them existing since years:

  • the bigger the map, the jerkier the performance on scrolling / panning. Not huge maps. Just a sitemap of a medium sized website.
  • Font management horrible, when not using standard system font: Umlaute not displaying properly, font weights switching, MM crashing when formatting fonts, standard format nor working properly when set etc.
  • Ressource management sometimes not working, even when closing application and starting with a new empty file
  • Icon library still the same for the past 10 years
  • THE WORST: file cannot be opened from a server drive. XML formatting error. Support says, they are working on it. Problem exists for about 5 years(!)
  • Pricing of macOS version is identical to Windows version, despite limited functionally (e.g. no integration into MS Office tools)

And NO, it is not due to an installation problem. Or the hardware. Or the OS. Those problems appear on ALL machines I had in the past +5 years!

Dear product owner of MM (Mac version): You should start improving your game. The only thing that keeps me here is +10 years of MM files on our server that would need to get converted.

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i posted some comments and it got deleted last time.

they setup this forum not for you to complain , but to appreciate.


censored by myself

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