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I am a newbie in MindManager so sorry if it is a stupid question.

I have a Topic A with two subtopics B and C.

I try to create a relationship between B an C (The relationship arrow goes from B to C). I want C to be dependent of B so the start date of B would be the enddate of B or if B is finished then the B startdate should be the finishing date of B. I guess this is called finish to start dependency, but whatever I do the dependency drop down box in Task Info is greyed out.

How to do it correct?

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Hello Jørgen

For the dependency dropdown to be active, both topics need to be tasks, and both selected. You can select the first one by clicking on it then Ctrl+Click to add the second.


Oddly enough I was able to establish a start to finish dependency (and was able to select the other dependency options) between two topics that weren't tasks, which I wasn't expecting.

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