Topic formatting using topic level SmartRules trigger not showing in published maps

Alex G. shared this question 36 days ago

I have created a map which uses the new topic level SmartRules trigger to format topics and in particular to add a fill colour based on their topic level in the map.

However, when I publish the map all this formatting disappears, which is a little disappointing. Is this expected behaviour, or a bug?

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Hi Alex,

The Topic level trigger in SmartRules is currently only supported in MindManager Windows but will be coming to the HTML5 family of products, which includes publishing, in an update this Spring.

Best regards,



Hi Marian,

Thanks for the quick reply and for the news that this feature will be rolled out to HTML5 published maps (and I assume you mean in the northern hemisphere Spring, and not the Spring where I am!).

I'm curious though as to whether this is a issue just for the topic level SmartRules trigger, or if there are other triggers similarly affected. If so, what are they and will HTML5 support be extended to all these triggers in the Spring update?

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