importing dot notation code into MindManager?

csaiz shared this question 3 months ago
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I see that ChatGPT can produce output in dot notation... I was wondering if it is possible for MindManager to import DOT code to produce a mindmap.

I queried the community site, but so far I have not found any entry about this topic, and therefore I am not optimistic of finding a positive answer... but perhaps some of you know if not directly, what other steps could be done for creating a mindmap from dot notation code.

thank you in advance for your comments!

example using ChatGPT
1. ask "generate a table showing the familiar relationships from Queen Elisabeth II"
2. ask "generate the DOT code from the above table"
3. go to a tool like and enter there the code provided in step #2

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I think this structure (JSON?) would generate a concept map rather than a mind map. (A mind map is a special case of a concept map). An import would be possible, but would be a custom solution as there are no standard features to support this.