Anyone use Task/Gantt to organize life? my life very unorganized i need help, thx.

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i always found using mindmap is better than a paragrpah.

and as many people say, Gantt chart could be indeed the best part of mindmanager.

What good for me is,

for every point it can have a timestamp,

e.g. when the project is decided to go,

what step start/end (however it dont have versioning i think? or one can hide the alternativeplanning?)

also, when you see it as a timeline, you know how you spent your time in these days.

would be nice if there is tutorial on using mm's Gantt chart as a diary/organizer, if no, may be for a general Gantt chart is wellcomed. thanks


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maybe thats what you are looking for ?


i 'll prefer someone show examples of USING it as a GTD,

use it as gantt chart for LIFE, for daily living.

may be e.g. how to scheulue to pay bills,

shopping etc.


Hi K.... ;-)

I am currently preparing for a meeting about tasks and their planning.
The topic is very complex.
A Gantt chart is just one tool for visualisation. Many questions need to be answered beforehand.
What are my tasks anyway?
What additional work do I need?
What results do I have to deliver?
By when do these tasks have to be completed?

Here's what I've been doing for many years.
Every morning I sit with a cup of tea and check my emails, check invoices and accounts and plan my day.
To do this, I use a mind map in the schedule view. I enter all my tasks in it. I synchronise appointments with Outlook. I plan the tasks in small chunks.
If they are not finished, I move them to the next day.
At the end of the month, I save a copy with all the completed tasks for the month. Then I plan the next month with fixed appointments.


(an example for presentation)


thx for reply,

but i am more interested in gantt, in which i can see how a task is DISPERSED among the time line.

i am studying for exam,

so i wanna use it to track what's the last time i study it or my groupmates asked me on it.

anki is an automatic alternative but manually making a gantt chart would be good too.

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You could consider topic alerts, combined with a timeline view, since gantt is designed for project visualization.

You are aware that the forgetting curve was designed by Ebbinghaus mostly to prove that it is best to use not only repetition, but also imagination, association, storytelling etc. ?


A lot depends on your own type.

If I planned it today and didn't do it, I postpone it to the next day. Every task annoys me until I mark it as done. It's a good feeling with some tasks ;-)

You can display a map as a timeline but also as a Gantt chart. Studying is a task, a talk is a task - that's why these things are on my to-do list in MM.

It's a question of personal organisation. But that's another topic ;-)

Another idea - treat your studies like a project. Plan the tasks and control them like a project manager ;-)

Good luck with your studies.



looks alike a "kanban" view, luckily it's in 2019 mm and i am on 2020.

AUDIENCE: For anyone interested in learning more about Kanban and the Kanban capabilities in MindManager 2019

let me see.