What size LCD you use with MM? a 24inch not enough for me

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i got 2x 19inch 4:3 and a 24inch wide LCD. one placed portrait one landscape. portrait one in middle.

i found the single 24inch not enough.

i am trying to use the 24 + portrat 19 together.

may be i should move the portrait to one side and put the landscape 19" in middle, so this works with the 24inch better.

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I have a Monitor 34 inch 21:9 3340 x 1440 on my desk.

I use it in 3 different views:
Split screen - MM and e.g. browser (most common)
MM window complete (very rarely and only for very large maps)
MM window split into 2 workspaces (when I want to work in 2 maps at the same time)

For online seminars I use a 43 inch monitor. The distance to me is then 1 metre. The screen resolution is then lower.



27 inch!


i cant open the same map twice, is it?

i know i can split view it.

i know i can make it detach from the main window.

but i cant have the same single map in 2 separate window, is it?

thanks. (ps that will help)


Of course you can split a map.


You cannot move the split map to the 2nd screen separately.

There is a trick to do this.

Expand MindManager to both screens and then move the split map to the 2nd screen.

I like to use Stream Deck for things like this.One button and the window is on both screens.



but cant split into two windows and move around, so i fit into 2 LCD, correct?

i know if the whole mindmanager is in a single LCD, one can split vertically/horizontally.

althought i could make the main MM window span thru 24+19 inch,

and split view in vertial or horizontal, but the bottom of the portrait 19inch is wasted.



You can only drag the MM across both monitors. What do you want to do with the split MM? Split workspace for 2 maps or split 1 map?


i am using the same technique, i.e. make MM's main windows span across 2 LCD,

then split the map horizontally or vertically.

then i can view 2 part of the SAME map.

just, if it allow it to be 2 windowS, will be more easy to adapt.



27" me too


I have three 24" monitors, any two of which I can use at any one time at adjacent normal and standing desks because the central one is the most height adjustable.

This monitor which is my favourite is a Dell which is around 15 years old. Its secret (apart from a good range of height adjustment) is that it has a 16:10 rather than 16:9 ratio which gives it an extra 3cm of depth. This is great for viewing maps.

I'm hoping to keep this monitor going for as long as possible, though sadly there are some signs of deterioration. However, I'm pleased that a couple of manufacturers continue to make 16:10 monitors, because otherwise I'd probably have to get a 27" monitor to get the same vertical real estate.

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