Gantt Pro chart synchronisation

Carsten shared this question 2 years ago

It appears in my MM 21 that the gantt chart does show different end dates than the topics in the maps do. Do I miss some setting or anything else?

  1. It happens mainly with dates comming from roll up map connections
  2. the difference is shown in end dates and they are much farther in the future than on the topic itself...

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Please include visuals with examples. That provides clues about the origin of the issue and possible solutions.


Hi Carsten,

I suspect the cause are different calendar settings in the source maps and in the map that contain map roll-ups.

Please check the settings in the source maps in the Task pane Task Info -> Calendar and tasks options and compare the settings with the map containing the map roll-ups.


I hope this solves the issue.




Hi Jan,

thanks a lot for your suggestion which I tried carefully. However the issue persists. The Rolled up Map data is correctly shown and calculated in the receiving map, that I double checked. Even so the same topic is shown in the Gantt Pro view in a different duration, progress data and due date.

The attached screenshot shows on the left the data from the Gantt Pro task and the right the topic task data from the underlaid mindmap.

It seems to me that the Gantt uses some different calculation than the task in the map...

Thanks for any update or idea in this matter.



It is necessary to know what is below this task in the tree. Is it possible for you to share your map (or just that part of it)?


Hi guys,

I did go into a deeper investigation again in order to find out the cause of the proplem. And I found it.

So based on the suggestion from Jan, I checked again all map parts and in that process I stepped onto one rolled up map which was not using sunday in the calendar options. So this one misaligned option caused the awkward behaviour of all other topics in the gantt view. Now, after correction the gantt calculates precise.

Thanks for your help, Carsten


Good info, thank you Carsten and Jan