Proposal for a new sub-forum - use cases

René W. shared this idea 6 months ago
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Problems are currently being discussed and ideas collected here.
However, this is mostly about MindManager functions.
In my work I often experience astonishment and hear "That works with MindManager."
I think it would be good if we could consciously discuss use cases here.

@Sia You presented the vision for MindManager at the Spot On in Germany.

MindManager should not be seen as a collection of functions but as a holistic companion for my work. (my interpretation)

#A subforum so that the possibilities of MindManager are discussed more consciously.
Where do I use the MindManager in my work?
Or the exchange of ideas for use, such as Nick Duffill's App Studio.

#It would also be good if there was the possibility to send private messages in the forum.

I look forward to the exchange


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To add to this idea... There are lots of UseCase examples in the

Meet the Experts series. Those consist of webinars and sample maps.

I attend most of them, because my imagination is limited and I love to learn from colleagues and other experienced users.


Hi René,

I think this is a good idea. There used to be an active Mind Manager online group in the pre social media era and there have been attempts to set up groups on Facebook and LinkedIn but they all seem to peter out. There are also a few MindManager blogs - I keep an occasional one - and there is of course Biggerplate, but that is more about sharing templates and covers a number of applications and not just MM.

I think the issue could be finding enough people prepared to contribute posts about their practice but it might be easier to do this as part of the current forum than as a standalone group.

The problem


Thank you Alex and Ary.
A forum lives from the contributions of those involved. Someone will only participate if they derive a personal benefit from it. Everyone sees the benefits differently.
For me, for example, the exchange is very important. This can lead to new ideas for your own work, for example.
Collaboration cannot be a one-way street. That's why my personal motto is: "Those who want to take must also give". If everyone wants to take first then it becomes difficult. In my view, a little "giving" is always necessary first.
The forum here is a central place for the topic of MindManager where an exchange can take place. I think there are quite a few people here who are interested in the topic of mind managers. ;-)
I hope that our admins will set up the forum relatively quickly and easily. The rest is up to us.