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The Problem:

MindManager offers a limited number of shapes that users can use to restyle topics.

The recent addition of the new Whiteboard function adds a sticky note capability but uses an uninspiring shape. I know it was suggested that the developer add a sticky note shape during testing.

How can users add new shapes to current offerings? I see merit in allowing users to add company-wide styling to their maps and templates.

Also, the shape labels or pop-over descriptions, like a "diamond", do not reflect the decision maps conventional function for that shape. Is there a way to change this pop-over description because that makes it far easier to choose the correct symbol when making maps? I noticed that some have the correct label.


The developers seem to leave many features in MindManager unfinished or unrefined. MindManager has had these features for several generations of the software, yet they don't evolve. I would have thought that a subscription model would motivate the company to push ahead on polishing the product.

I am involved in beta testing a Windows File Manager. Users provide feedback and suggestions to the developer, and they fix the bugs (sometimes on the same day) but continually update the product as they fix, refine or add features. Recently, they updated the beta twice a week. When the program goes public, the developers update it regularly and increment it to the next iteration as each change is confirmed stable. Two programmers develop it, with international usage and support. It is Directory Opus, and I invite people to view the User Forum to see the vibrant non-censored user forum, with sections where people add macros and solutions.

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You can insert your own shapes for a branch.
Format branch and select the image for the branch.
Then save as a branch shape. I can then use it again and again.
To the 2nd part:
I can only recommend:
If there are any suggestions for improvement. Suggest them under Share to Idea. We can then also comment on it.
The developers read the forum.


In theory you can create a custom topic shape by creating a ".emf" (extended metafile) document, which is a vector representation of the shape. MindManager was once shipped with the "Metafile Companion" editor for this purpose, but this has been dropped. You will see that many of the shapes in the library are .emf files. Each file is accompanied by a .txt file which contains the search keywords and the position & size of the editable text area. I have tried some other vector editors but without much success so far. If anyone can get this to work reliably, I am sure there would be interest in new sets of topic shapes, e.g. BPMN-2 or industry-specific shapes.