A quick way to format text in Topic Notes (or any other note)

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Search a word or phrase within all the notes on a map, and replace it with formatted text.


Search for "mindmanager" and replace it with "MindManager". In this case, the original text is changed and formatted as bold.

What Works:

Use Ctrl-F to load a dialogue window that allows Find and Replace functionality.

Select a word and use Ctrl-B or Ctrl-I or Ctrl-U to Bold or italicise or Underline.

What does not work:

Search and replace with formatted text. Users must go through the whole map and change each instance of the word or phrase.

Using find does not select the word or phrase to allow a manual Ctrl-B to format the selections. It loses focus if the user attempts to do it before moving to the next instance in the map.

The Bugbear:

Why does V23 of a program with such a long pedigree still use such an antiquated Notes editing system.

A search on the internet lists methods of entering formatting code into rich text documents like \b1 the word \b0, but this does not work in MindManager.

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Markdown support is long overdue! :-)