Period Independent Project Planning and Management / Milestone Driven not Date driven

George K. shared this idea 4 months ago
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project planning at times needs to be DATE independent, e.g., Day 1 or Hour 1 or Minute 1 we meet to Brainstorm an idea. We create topics and put them in logical order, rearranging as needed. Using the Task features we create dependencies and a critical path. It can look like a PERT chart but that begins to look like a SWIMLANE exercise

Today I have to use a DATE usually Jan 1 to start things off and use durations - but it is kluge. There is one excel template (attached) but with brainstorming and changing period sizes the app is thrown into chaos.

Adding this PLANNING functionality to MM would give the product unparalleled PLANNING capabilities.

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Unless you are looking for something completely different... Have you tried the GanttPro option in your Task Ribbon?


Yes, I have. Open the view and one sees a calendar.

In my mind's eye I can foresee a "one day project" with lots of resources, e.g., painting a room. Many resources with pre-planning, e.g., who goes in to the room and for how long.

Once the planning is complete - one can decide whether or not the task can be completed in just one day.


Before MindManager 9, the task information fields in a topic were independent. You could add a duration without also creating the start and due dates. After MindManager 9, the start date, due date and duration were locked together. If you add any one of them the others are also created. Tasks cannot have a duration without dates, so dependencies are not supported unless tasks have dates. The advantage of this is that non-working days are automatically handled, so you get an accurate overall timescale.

As Ary, says the Gantt Pro chart will allow you to manipulate a project. If you do not want the schedule to plan around non-working days, you can set the working calendar for that map to 7 days per week. If you choose a year where January 1st is the first day of week 1 (e.g. 2024), you will also get week numbers that are date independent.


Thanks Nick.

As a longtime user, I have seen the product get better and better. Adding a date independent project planner would really differentiate it from other apps.

The example I used in an earlier response was planning the painting of a room in one day; lots of tasks, resources doing double duty at times.