Issue with Keyboard Shortcuts in MindManager 23 for Mac Need Input

Adam E. shared this question 4 months ago
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I'm experiencing a problem with keyboard shortcuts in MindManager 23 for Mac, specifically related to starting topic edit mode. Here's a summary of the issue:

  • F2 Shortcut: Used to start topic edit mode with all text selected. Currently, it selects the topic with all text but does not clear the field first.
  • Control + A / Control + E Shortcuts: Expected to navigate the cursor to the start/end of text, respectively. However, in the new version, these shortcuts are clearing the text.

This behavior differs from earlier versions (I've been using this software since version 12), where these shortcuts functioned as expected.

I filed a bug report and received a response stating this is by design and not a bug. However, I'm convinced this is a change from previous versions.

I would appreciate it if other MindManager 23 users could:

  • Confirm if you are experiencing the same issue.
  • Suggest any settings or workarounds.
  • Share insights on whether this is indeed a design change.

Thank you for your assistance!

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Here are the keyboard shortcuts listed on the website:


Thank you, Adam, we'll investigate and address those issues,