I have not moved a file from onedrive however I cannot open it.

Miriam M. shared this question 7 months ago

When I try to opened a map that i have been working on all day and log out and back in, I cannot open it any more.

I get an error message saying the files has been moved or deleted. Which is not the case.

This has been ahppening for the last couple of days and is a critical issue for my work.

Previously i tried copying the file, and opening the new file. It worked a few times but is not working any more.

I have downloaded mindmanager 23 for desktop and tried to open the file and I get the system error attached.

The strange thing is that some of the files in the folder open. Files which I have not worked on for a few months. However, the recent file is the one causing issues.

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Hi Miriam,

This is not expected behavior, please open a support ticket so that we can investigate your issue in more detail.