Filtering & Topic Properties in exported HTML maps

Angus M. shared this question 3 months ago

So I am using MindManager 20 and I have a couple of issues with the exported HTML map (Version: 5.0.116) not being the same as the source map with no obvious remedy in the options setings....

1. Topic Properties - In the source map the topic properties are all hidden with the hide/show togle, in the exported map they are all shown.

2. Sub-branches still shown in filtered branches - In the source map I have enabled the sub-branches not to be hidden after the map is filtered by unchecking the 'Results display exact matches' in the Filter options. However in the exported HTML map the sub-branches are hidden.

Can I ask have these issues been identified and resolved in subsequent relases? I'm overdue a catch-up with my partner manager anyway but it will go up the priority list if they are no longer an issue.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Angus,

Yes, if you use version 23 you would find that topic properties can be hidden either using topic info settings or the "Hide" checkbox in the property settings. Also there is a setting in the HTML5 export called "strict matching" that should do what you expect for filters. I would recommend that you trial version 23.1 (the latest version) and see if it meets your needs.

You can download and start your trial here


Hey Sia

Thanks for responding. I've been on rather a 'deep dive' creating maps and seeing how far I can take the different ways of adding additional contextual knowledge to branches through embedding / attaching for the last couple of years and just 'coming up for air' now (see Glad to hear that HTML export options have caught up to exactly mirror the chosen options in the original map. Also sounds like the HTML map itself now has further options available to the end user I need to become familair with. Definitely need to catch up on versions...

Best regards