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Gerald S. shared this idea 3 months ago
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I use onedrive to same my files on both Desktop and iOS (using web version). It works well, but everytime I save I have to select OneDrive and drill down through all the folder levels to get to where I want.

It would be great to either be able to favorite / pin a folder or to remember recent folders so I can just click on that folder to open or save files. I can pin a file, just not a folder.

This behavior is the same on Desktop v23 and Web.


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Hi Gerald,

Thanks for the suggestion, I've converted this to an idea so that others can vote on it.


While this would be a great idea, there is a workaround that helps at least with opening maps. This is the My Maps Task Pane, which can be set up to show Folder Shortcuts as well as Map ones. You then simply click on the shortcut and a list of all files is shown in alphabetical order.

Another limitation apart from not providing a shortcut to save files is that the pane takes up screen real estate, and you lose it whenever you open another task pane.