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Michael L. shared this question 8 months ago
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You cannot change the initial font in your diagrams. For me this is a bug, since I changed it in one of the older versions. But I cannot get back to Segor UI. It should be changed, especially because not every font is displayed correctly. See example with Source Sans Pro.

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I suggest that you contact technical support. While Source Sans Pro does appear to have become the default font I seem to be able to change it to Segoe UI and vice versa without any problems.


Hi Michael,

I know this problem. One of my clients had it too.

The used font is missing on you computer and your printer driver cannot translate this font. Update your printer driver.

Work around:

Change the used font in your map to a standard font, like Arial.

Ribbon Design - Edit Theme - Text & Fonts

Best, Andreas


This font works in every other application except for Mindmanager. It is on my computer. For whatever reason it became my start font for Mindmanager. And visibvly it is not reparable.Or do you know where to set the standard font (which is usually Segoe UI).

Thanks for your comment.

Greetings, Michael


with MM23 the change the standard font in the template from Segue UI to Source Sans Pro 🙈

Source Sans Pro can lead to this printing problems, even with PDFs.

What you can do is, change the font in the Map-Design.

Greetings, Andreas