Can formatting of URL links be just an icon like in older versions of Mac Mindmanager?

Thomas . shared this question 7 months ago

In one of the more recent releases of Mindmanager Mac, (I am using release 22 now), the formatting of a topic that has a URL link added changed so that the URL and Icon shows underneath the topic text. In the past, the Link was represented just by an Icon at the right most end of the topic text.

I'd prefer just the Icon to show as the topic takes up about double the vertical space when showing the URL under the topic text.

In the View / Show Hide Option I have found how you can not show the link Title but can show the icon. The problem with that is that the Icon is still underneath the topic text so the vertical height of the topic is effectively doubled.


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The visual of the link icon can be adjusted in the Topic Information Display Settings.
By setting the two settings as shown in the attached image, the link icon will appear on the right side as before.




To Itouman

This is fantastic and solves my problem. You're the best!