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Waten shared this question 14 days ago

If I use a TAG with a ongoing numbering and use the option sort a-z it's not shown correct.

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Tags are sorted in alphabetical order from left to right, and not in numeric order. To overcome this you have to use leading zeros, so assuming you are never going to have more than 99 numeric tags just number the tags 1 to 9 as 01, 02, 03, 04, etc and they should sort correctly.


Hi Alex,

THANKS yes that works.


If I have TAGs with 900 numbers I must write:

- 9 * 00X (X from 1 to 9)

- 99 * 0XY (XY from 10 to 99)

to get the right sort a-z.

Is it not possible by use sort a-z that the programm looks how long ist the TAG and then sort first TAGS with 1 number of characters, then TAGs with 2 number of characters ,.... ?


It would be desirable to have sort facility you propose but I think it’s best to avoid having hundreds of tags in one group. You can always set up different tag groups with up to 99 tags each and use different colours to distinguish them, or give each group different prefixes, like A01, A02, A03, B01, B02, etc.

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