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Thorsten shared this question 6 months ago
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Dear folks,

while opening a locked file we are getting the message that this file is locked by "%LNAME%" without resolving the correct username typed in manually at the options "user info" of mind manager.

Does anyone else have this problem, too or know how to solve it?



Version is: 20.1.231 (64-Bit)

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Hi Thorsten,

Version 20 has been retired. You can find more about the product lifecycle policy here:
Our recommendation is to upgrade to the latest version.

Otherwise, maybe someone who still has version 20 in the community may be able to help you.


The problem may be with the file rather than the version of MindManager, or there may be an issue with the MindManager installation. Have you tried opening it on another machine, either with the same or a later version of MindManager?