Bug - Notes editor flickering / redrawing on every keypress

Nick shared this question 18 days ago

I am using MindManager 22.0.273 on Win10 - new to MindManager, but not mind-maps.
When entering a note for a topic, the note editor panel that opens to the right redraws on every keypress or action and is extremely distracting and makes it very hard to enter notes with the entire notes window and all of the text continually flickering (disappearing and coming back). Have verified this with another user's install on a different PC.
Any way to fix this?

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Hi Nick,

That is not expected behavior. Please open a support ticket so our team can investigate.



Hi Nick,

This was a bug in MindManager 22.0.273 and was resolved in MindManager 22.1 and later. Please use the Check for Updates function under the Help tab or ask your IT department to install a later version.

Best regards,


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