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René W. shared this question 21 days ago
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I have the following question.
I can define a category and keyword for each mind map.
As far as I know, I can't search for them and I can't use anything else.
How do you use these properties of a mind map?


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While you can't search for topic properties directly there are a number of alternatives. These include:

  • Search for topics with specific topic properties using Find instead of Search
  • Filter on specific topic properties and then show, hide or fade matching topics with these properties
  • Use SmartRules to highlight topics with specific properties (or ones without these)


Thanks Alex,

I also use the option to assign my own properties. The only question I had was whether there is a direct benefit. What are the fields for?



Apologies René - I misread your original question and thought you were talking about topic properties, not the map properties found under File/Info.

This is a good question - I must confess I've never used these fields and like you I can't see how you can access them.

I'll keep digging!


No problem, I'm currently preparing a MindManager training course and I always like to have answers ;-)

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