Enhancement idea for new Sticky Note feature

Stephen C. shared this idea 6 months ago
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The Sticky Note feature is a great idea. I see the existing functionality where one can create default characteristics for sticky notes globally. Here is my idea, though, to go one better than that: Often it is really handy to use color on sticky notes to readily denote themes, and thus to help in the grouping of multiple ideas. Would it be possible to create a "themes" setting that would allow you to create characteristics for, say, four or more sticky note types? That template visual flexibility would enable one to include color, font type/weight, etc. to allow each themed sticky note to be instantly recognizable, for including in its own particular grouping. Thanks for your consideration of my enhancement idea. - Steve

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Hi Stephen,

You can change the colour or shape of a sticky note using smartRules.
Trigger: Text in the branch, the location or properties
Effect: specific colour or topic style

There are many different options.

In the example, the position in the red frame defines the colour of the sticky notes.


The format of sticky notes can also be controlled with Topic Styles, so you can create a style from a sticky note then apply it to other notes. These styles belong to the map.