Having created and published some files from my own computer, what can do to start co-editing the

Alf Christophersen shared this question 15 days ago
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First, I I copy my original file from my harddrive and move it to my OneDrive account, will that affect the publishing so I must unpublish and then republis.

Or can I keep the original file/publish and instead start a new publishing and use that for co-editing

From the description about leaving co-editing, will the edition be saved or will it revert to original ??

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Hi Alf,

Publishing and co-editing are separate. You can store your file anywhere and publish it including locally on your computer. This is because publishing it just sends a copy to our cloud that others can view using the unique URL.

When you move the file you do not need to republish.

Co-editing requires that you store the file in a cloud storage location like OneDrive.

I don't understand your last question about leaving co-editing, can you post some screenshots?

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