Having created and published some files from my own computer, what can do to start co-editing the

Alf C. shared this question 2 years ago
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First, I I copy my original file from my harddrive and move it to my OneDrive account, will that affect the publishing so I must unpublish and then republis.

Or can I keep the original file/publish and instead start a new publishing and use that for co-editing

From the description about leaving co-editing, will the edition be saved or will it revert to original ??

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Hi Alf,

Publishing and co-editing are separate. You can store your file anywhere and publish it including locally on your computer. This is because publishing it just sends a copy to our cloud that others can view using the unique URL.

When you move the file you do not need to republish.

Co-editing requires that you store the file in a cloud storage location like OneDrive.

I don't understand your last question about leaving co-editing, can you post some screenshots?


Does this mean after writing a map I can publish it, then move the file to a place like OneDrive and invite others for a coediting session and while discussing over Zoom we can make a better text, like a scientific article and then publish as an update and even move it back again to my own computer and still able to update the map/article ??



Publishing the file just creates a copy in our cloud and links that copy to your file through your MindManager account. So you can move it anywhere and still publish an update as long as your using the same account.

Files can only be published by one user at a time though, so if someone else publishes it after you they will create a new URL and you will lose your ability to publish updates to the original URL. Just make sure to communicate to all your co-editors that you will manage publishing so they don't need to.