Object / picture names displaying in MindManager Reader app

Nadia N. shared this question 8 months ago
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The name of an object/picture displays on screen when displaying the map using the MindManager Reader app when it should not display. If I publish the maps or open in the desktop app I cannot see the object name at the top.

How do I stop the reader from displaying the object names as they are not required and make the mind map look unprofessional?

See attached file with an example of a view without the object names and one with.

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Just to be sure... Which version do you use?

Seems it works -as designed- but it would surely be better if you can switch it off, or have it always switchen off.


Hi Nadia,

Please provide more details on the MindManager Reader App you are using. For some time now there has not been a separate "app," we now have a Reader license available for Enterprise customers that allows users to use any of our main applications (Windows & Mac desktop, MM Web, MM for MS Teams) to view files in "reader" mode. It could be you are using an old Reader app and the issue is coming from it being an older version that does not properly support those features.


Dear Sia, apologies for the delay in replying. This is for a client and they have only just recently purchased MindManager Enterprise and installed the MindManager Reader App. The version is Release Date October 2023. See the attached PDF which shows the MindManager Reader App and the MindManager Reader App Ext are installed on the SharePoint site.

The Enterprise version was purchased on the basis that a Reader App / reader view would be available so that any users with access to the SharePoint site could open and read the MindManager files. There are only selected users who have the enterprise license to create and edit MindManager maps. Based on your above comment, how do we enable users who do not have an Enterprise license assigned to view the MindManager files if we do not use the Reader App?