How do I find about what account I used to share some documents I now need to co-edit ?

Alf C. shared this question 2 years ago

While the first possibilities to share or publish maps, I tried to use first Dropbox but as Dropbox interferes with publishing in Subversion using TortoiseSVN (the global icons is inserted at top of lists of global icos with their own names instead of using standard Windows icons) I had to abandon the use and turn into OneDrive and now has accounts on both.

But is there some information in MM 21 that tells me on what account I have shared those files?

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Hello Alf,

Thanks for the feedback and questions. The Places integration in MindManager does not display what account was used when saving the file to the cloud storage provider or when using the Publish feature.

I have received similar questions from other users and am looking at options to improve this behavior in future releases.

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