Synthesis for properties when displayed in Kanban mode

Matthieu F. shared this idea 5 months ago
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I usually use Mind Manager to manage actions/ work packages that have to be invoiced in time.

I use tags and or dates with the use of Kanban and Schedule view. It will be very helpful to have in the header of each column a synthesis of the different properties.

To illustrate a bit here is an example of a possible map :


2023-2024 are part of a dedicated Tag Group and are representing the fiscal years. I try here to consolidate a multi-year budget.

The cool thing will be to have a synthesis in Kanban view when I display the "fiscal year" kanban view.

Here is a mock-up :


What do you think of this ? For me it's a key feature :-)

Many thanks for the feedback

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This is a very interesting idea and could be applied to any of the tabular views. Maybe there is a way to do it with formulas and a topic that is sorted to the top of each column. The same data would then be available in the map view.


You're right, it can be used in any tabular view. First use for me : calendar view displayed by month. I can have a budget synthesis for the month !

With formulas, I am not a professionnal but if the map is quite big, the only common topic for the synthesis could be the main one !


I plan my tasks daily in the calendar view. The number of hours per day would be very helpful.