Mind Manager 23.1 will not install

Fred G. shared this question 7 months ago

I cannot get the update to 23.1 to install. I download the installer stub, which downloads the fuller installer and at the very end it throws "Unknown error" and will not go to installation. I have redownloaded several times, cleared cache, and tried installing as Administrator. Nothing works. Any ideas? I can't get in touch with Mindjet.

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Hi Fred,

I'm sorry to see you are experiencing issues with the MindManager Stub installer. I see our tech support team helped resolve the issue by providing an alternative installer.

If you can attach the log file from the failed stub install, I will pass it along to our Engineering team for review. To find the log, go to the temp folder on your system > MindManager_Log folder and attached a file titled Installer_log_xxx.txt. i.e. C:\users\username\AppData\Local\Temp\MindManager_log.




Thank you. I was able to chat with customer support, which gave me the link to the full installer. That worked fine. It might be helpful in the future if full installers were available on the website somewhere. I thought that the stub was the problem and it was.