CAN'T WORK with local Files

Patrice A. shared this question 4 months ago

> Hello,


> OK.


>But I've never had a bad experience with these manipulations for permissions. Please pass it on to your management.

>Now I have two bad experiences:

> - 1 - You speak as if I can manage MindManager web access permissions to my client's sharepoint that denies this permission: I can't enforce what you say.

> - 2 - I would like to work with MindManager Cloud, BUT:

> - Unable to import local files into this cloud storage with MindManager Web

> - can't save local files opened with MindManager desktop 23.1 to MindManager Cloud = SHAME!


> Please pass on to your management before I make the decision to work with a competing solution.


> You will also pass on to your management:

> - 1 - that you don't impose a solution on your customers without warning

> - 2 - that if such a solution is to be imposed, you have a duty to inform and propose methods for moving from the previous to the new one

> - 3 - A supplier cannot take advantage of its customers' needs for them, and pull the rug out from under their feet


>So now, explain to me how to save my local files in the cloud by a simple transfer operation....


> Thanks in advance.


> An unhappy customer to whom you add processing time while their customer is waiting... INADMISSIBLE!

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Hi Patrice,

Your feedback has been passed to MindManager management. We are investigating the feasibility of temporarily re-enabling local files for affected customers.

In the mean time, here are detailed instructions on how to enable Local Files in MindManager Web so you can open and save them to other locations if you choose to do so.

  1. Click the 3 dots on the top right of your Chrome browser, choose More Tools, then Developer tools.
  2. With the Developer tools open, click the Element Inspector at the top left.
  3. With the Element Inspector activated, click MindManager Files on the page to show the correct section of the page in the Developer Tools panel.
  4. You should see the below view in the Developer tools panel, click "display:none;"
  5. Delete "display:none;" and press Enter.
  6. You should now see the Local Files option (optional: close the Developer Tool panel).
  7. Click Local Files and go through the authorization flow to enable the browser to open your local file.
  8. Once the file is open, you can save it to MindManager Files or another cloud file storage location by clicking File, then Save To.